Oh, the corporation gagged and blindfolded public of our time…

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Idaho now has an Ag-gag bill. A bill signed into law that allows the animal-food industry to completely self-regulate.  The employee doesn’t have the right to tell what’s going on behind closed doors. The consumer doesn’t have the right to know. The people of Idaho now join the people of Utah, Missouri, and Iowa in demanding blindfolds, applauding secret corporate activities, and endorsing a covert and hidden hell, because they don’t want to know it’s there.

In fact, most people don’t want to know the horrors behind their food. They cringe when animal rights activists post footage of what really happens to the animals that are enslaved in stench drenched, torturous restraints and/or extremely crowded conditions. Turn a blind eye when they see animals bashed around by stressed and angry thugs preparing to drain blood, slice, and dismember these beings still struggling to free themselves and flee. Blindfolded pre-vegans just want meat and dairy wrapped in nice packages, want delicate morsels cooked for their palate or sliced for their wine and cheese parties, and want to pretend it came from animals lounging on beautiful fields of long grass swaying in the wind.

A pre-vegan friend of mine insists that she only eats pastured meat. Buys from purveyors who know the farms and the farmers.  She doesn’t eat out much, can’t eat wheat and soy because of a health condition, and insists that if “more people searched out truly pastured meat there would be way less cruelty committed against these animals.”

I must say that while it is nice to boycott factory farms, the world population has doubled in the past 45 years and is expected to double again by 2055.   One-hundred-fifty acres of rain-forest is cut down every minute, mostly to provide graze-land to feed us wildly breeding humans our beloved meat.  Wars in 2055 will be global over water. The largest user of fresh water is livestock. While as I write, our fields lay barren in central California because of drought.

One pound of beef requires an input of approximately 2500 gallons of water.  A pound of soy requires 250 gallons of water.  A pound of wheat only 25 gallons.  Most crops are currently grown as animal feed. Double the human population, feed them all a basic omnivore diet and envision that future. Even if we did away with animal torture on factory farms, how would we create enough grass fed beef for humans if we’re already cutting down 150 acres of rainforest a day to feed the current population, especially with the increasing demand for meat as Third World Countries industrialize?

While most people become healthier and thinner on a vegan diet, and a whole-food plant based diet can reverse a number of diseases, I understand my friend’s situation. I felt trapped in an omnivore’s dilemma myself for several years, because of my allergy to soy.  I finally happened on a few serendipitous lectures five years ago, which taught me that there’s protein in just about all plant-foods. Elephants and horses create all their muscles from grass.  I’ve been vegan ever since.

I’ve learned, we need smart nutritionists that help create plant-food diets for every body type and health condition, and we need a medical industrial complex that supports this.  The population of vegans in the US  is expected to reach critical mass in 2015 (10% of the population) which means it’s expected to jump rapidly to much greater percentages from there.

This gives me hope for future generations, although very slow in coming in this pharmaceutical industrial complex controlled world. Yet, I definitely see a vegan humanity in our future as more people leave their carnist ways behind, venture into this new way of sustaining water, of sustaining the Earth, of sustaining human, animal and plant life by learning to eat plant-based meals, and developing them far beyond our wildest dreams.

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  1. Veronique

    I loved this post, Nance. Your friend has definitely food issues which could be resolved with just a little bit of education. You obviously were able to. But it takes more than education to get someone to go Vegan. I get the feeling your friend is also using her allergy issues as an excuse to not change. I may be wrong but that is the feeling I get from your post.
    Thanks a lot for pointing out the environmental issues as well. I posted your blog on my facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/yourveglife).

    ~ Veronique

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