On the Term “God” being Flawed

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My haiku yesterday:

  • If God is a man
  • and Goddess a woman the
  • term God is flawed

received the comment, “Ouch!” from a man in The Haiku Room, even though this haiku was not meant to cut men in any way, shape, or form.  I had a feeling it might hurt.  However, rather than feeding a matriarchal take-over, this haiku is simply questioning the patriarchal values held within the term God, and suggesting that as long as we continue to use this term, we are implying a patriarchal organization of the universe, which is naive to assume.

The Universe is very balanced.  The patriarchy is not.  Using the term God prevents equality from happening at very deep subconscious levels, and continues the battle of the sexes long past the time when an equalitarian worldview could take shape.

I’m glad this haiku guy was brave enough to comment his ouch. It illustrates well how deeply personal the transformation of human consciousness is seen and felt by many, when it needs to be seen as liberating for both men and women, and balancing for both genders as well.  The equalitarian transformation lets both genders develop their inner suppressed male or female parts, lets them enjoy their whole selves.

An equalitarian worldview will balance the energies of our humanity.  A balanced humanity will implicitly care for the epidermis of Earth for future generations. And with the gross acceleration of global warming and mass species extinction, we need this immediately.

The term God is such an easy word to use–to pray to, or ponder philosophically. However, we need to see that whenever this word is used, it feeds the patriarchal status quo and keeps the hierarchies of herding culture, of rape culture in place. Even when we say God is a woman! Because God is not a human form. Humans are merely animals evolved to heightened forms of communication. God, The Great Creator, The Intelligence of the Universe is much more than that.

Ha! I just used the word, God, and I’ve inadvertently inserted a male gender connotation in the higher intelligence that I ponder. By my god-thumping faux pas, we see quite clearly that the term is embedded in patriarchal culture, easily flies off the tongue, and will remain until we replace it with a new term which includes both genders or is gender-neutral. Until then, this male-connotative Supreme Being will feed the patriarchy indefinitely, and balancing the planet will continue to elude us.

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