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Versions of myself as I've grown and changed:

Artist Statement

Me I'm just a cave girl, painting my life, my body, my feelings on cave walls. Cave societies were egalitarian, like me...though, matrifocal.  I rather like the idea of a balanced masculine and feminine society.  Can you imagine an advanced global community that has evolved beyond matriarchy and patriarchy, and become fully Equalitarian?

Since patriarchy places women below men, it creates the first tier of a hierarchy from which all unjust inequality descends.

If I pretend I'm from a another planet, looking from outer space at earth  (I know ... not much of a stretch for me;),  I lament that most of the human species is yet so primitive as to applaud violence and power, while desecrating love, empowered sexuality and the sacred ability to nurture life.   Will peace on earth ever be possible with the continuance of religious and political polarity and inherited hierarchical systems?  Oppression is inevitable, so I don't see how.

Therefore, I like to balance the masculine and feminine energies on my cave wall.  I paint archaic images, from pre-patriarchal society and create neo images of my own.  I paint my Self -- a feminine energy coming into empowerment; The human figure predominates my work, because genitalia clearly symbolize the energies; If we balance these energies, can war continue?  Will human sexuality still be denigrated to the lowest low, and even lower for women and same-sex lovers?   What will happen to hate and prejudice on a balanced planet?

My vision of the Great Creator is beyond gender ... embraces both masculine and feminine energies ... applauds will/power and love/wisdom in balance.   We honor sexuality among loving and empowered human beings as sacred ... revering each human being as a sacred work of unique hermaphroditic art.

I love to express these feelings, beliefs, ideas via color, line and the human form, yet always seek to evolve.  I am indeed a channel, joining visionary forces of today; We together move the sacred feminine back to balanced empowerment above the first tier.  Whether male or female in gender, we birth Equalitarianism on Earth.