Free #ActInParis download

Feel free to download the sign I made for my selfie and print in  on 8.5×11″ paper, to make it easy for you to do a selfie and participate in this important grassroots effort, too! I used an Eiffel tower image from the Public Domain. Just double-click on the image, the right-click on it, save it to your computer and print!


Here’s the scoop of how to use it, from an email I got from Sierra Club:

“…All across our country people are mobilizing for climate action and more than ever before this movement includes Americans from all walks of life. From frontline communities seeking climate justice for decades of pollution to workers ready to join the clean energy revolution, our movement is stronger than ever.

As we head into the UN climate negotiations in Paris this December, grassroots support for climate action can help build momentum for a strong climate agreement. We must be visible, we must be seen.

Show the world you want climate action! Upload a photo to social media using the #ActInParis hashtag to join our photo petition. Click here to see some of the photos already submitted and add yours today!

World leaders are responding to the grassroots movement we’ve created. President Obama recently announced a game-changing agreement with Chinese President Xi Jinping to cut China’s carbon emissions significantly. With the world’s largest carbon emitting countries stepping up, the path to Paris looks bright.

More than 150 countries have already submitted plans to cut their emissions in the lead up to the Paris climate conference. That’s a huge step in the right direction, but we need more to be done in Paris and beyond. Only by working together can we ensure people in all countries benefit from clean energy and are protected from the devastating effects of climate change.

Add your image to the #ActInParis photo petition and let’s show the world we’re ready to tackle climate change in Paris and beyond!

Thanks for being a part of our growing movement.


Maura Cowley
Sierra Club”

Here’s my selfie:



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