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I’ve embraced the powerful guru, the renowned astrologer Alan Oken’s, explanation or our movement into a New Age for about 20 years.  I feel the truth of his chapter “The Evolution of Consciousness in the New Age” in my heart and gut  —  it explains so much.  It was part of my original awakening to the divine feminine long ago.  I hope this condensed version sheds some light on our current state of affairs for you as it did me then and to this day, as I watch more and more of the transition unfold!  OxxO

Notes from Alan Oken’s Soul-Centered Astrology (c) 1990

“We learn from the Ancient Wisdom Teachings that male and female are two equal polarities in a constant dance of creativity.  The purpose of the interchange is to establish more and more avenues for the expression of the Whole within which these two polarities (and all their manifestation) have their breath and being.

…We are discovering in this cusp of the New Age that each person, whether male or female, has to awaken his or her other inner half, and create an individual marriage of polarity.  This means that many of the heretofore stereotypical and archetypical images, roles and social dynamics based upon sexual duality (and all too often, the oppression of women) will have to end.  The historical lineage of patriarchal authoritarianism will have to give way (and in spite of itself is giving way) to a form of “co-parented self-determinism” based on a unanimity of purpose within a group context.

…’matter is Spirit at its lowest point of manifestation, and Spirit is matter at its highest.’  In their essence, matter and spirit are one, and only appear as an illusion of duality.  This means that the material forms of Life are essentially created from spiritual substance.  A human being can therefore honestly say: ‘I am God in human form.  God and I are One.’

…This focus of synthesis and unity, this resolution of dualities into greater, more inclusively loving wholes, is fundamental to the New Age.  The New Age religions and the trend of the current transformations within the orthodox belief systems are growing ever more into this direction.  In the short term, this evolutionary movement will produce an ever-widening schism between the fundamentalist views of the previous World Age, and the focus of synthesis as we move into the Age of Aquarius.  This is only natural, although certainly not particularly comfortable, as we straddle the cusp of this great turning point in the evolution of human consciousness.

As we move forward, more of us are realizing that not only are we, as individuals, capable of continually realizing our own creative, Divinely centered potentials, but that no one else can give them to us.  We may be inspired by others and may even be led to the door of wonderful, deep-seated spiritual revelations by others.  But only we can open the door ourselves and go through it, and only we can live the revelations that we, individually, perceive as truth.  This does not mean that we have to do this alone.  On the contrary, the Age of Aquarius is an Age of humanism.  It is an Age in which the Law of Right Human Relations and the Law of Group endeavor are of the utmost importance.  This is a time in which cooperation, companionship along the Way and love between the sexes, races, nations, and all other groups of individuals will reveal itself as containing the highest living ideals of a spiritual life in the material world.

…The ability, and even the concept of the freedom to empower oneself to direct the course of one’s spiritual life, is completely contrary to human history up to the present time.  If we examine the course of Western civilization for the past two thousand years (effectively, the Age of Pisces), we see that the vast majority of people have been dominated by two groups:  a landowning aristocracy and a landowning church.  The vast majority of all European or European descended people come from antecedents who have been totally subservient to either one or both of these groups for at least fifteen hundred years.  This means that their financial and spiritual directions were governed by others.  The attempt to wield independent material or spiritual power meant the imminent threat of death, or worse!  It is no wonder that part of our legacy as we enter the New Age is that so many people feel helpless financially, as well as spiritually.  The elimination of poverty consciousness, both from a material and spiritual level, is certainly an aspiration which we must plant and implement collectively at this time in our history.

…To Summarize the major transition in the evolution of human consciousness in our time, we could say that the ‘ring-pass-not’ for humanity in the previous World Age was:  “The Father in Heaven and I here on Earth are separate.  I give my power unconsciously to others and suffer accordingly.  This pain awakens me to my Self.”  The new ‘ring-pass-not’ that is currently being developed by humanity during the Age of Aquarius might be stated as follows:  ‘The Father/Mother, my Group of brothers and sisters and I, are One.  I am a conscious expression of the Power of the Universe acting through the Will-to-Good.  This enlightened understanding awakens me to my Self.'”

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