Pesticides, Polluted Waters out for Blood

I just went to buy some cacao powder online, and was informed that it contained compounds known to cause cancer and birth defects in the State of California (prop 65). I checked the ingredients and it read pure cacao (no additives). I googled -cacao cancer- and found an interesting explanation, which scientifically explains some things I’ve known intuitively, i.e., that contaminants in the soil are taken up into plants we eat. Heavy Metals, e.g. lead, cadmium, mercury, like iron and calcium, found in soil, make their way into plant foods through root uptake and plant metabolism, nourishing the plant to grow. These minerals are integrated into the fibers of the plant, and organically bound to them. The fact that farmers are watering with filtered fracking water, because of the drought, is a big red flag, and should be stopped, but pesticides and polluted waters play a big part in this as well! I’ve started using a pendulum when I buy produce, as it will tell me if the food is tainted with heavy metals. Certain farms are contaminated at the Farmer’s Market and others are not. Some are 50/50, or good some weeks, bad others. One of my favorite farms in Kern Country (where I’ve read filtered fracking water is being used more and more) is now tainted, and I feel so sad, because I’m friends with the guys who work the farmers market and now can’t buy from them any more. I found out the hard way, woke up with horrible hives all over my hips and legs and used my pendulum to find the culprit. It was food from this vendor that had formerly always given a good pendulum read. I had stopped checking their food before I buy, but now I check everything from anywhere, every time. This is serious stuff, because humans are out of control, leaving heavy metal toxins in our soil and water, and fracking pollutants are fucking insane! Heavy metals accumulate in the body over time (just like in the soil) and eventually create cancer and other disease in the body. Heavy metals caused me to have tonic clonic seizures for 13 years! This was no picnic:( Chelating them out of my brain cured the epilepsy they caused. I have a very sensitive nervous system, which makes my body the fucking canary in the coal mine, but your bodies and your children’s’ are taking in the toxins too, and storing them in your fat cells to some day wreck havoc. This is a huge reason why cancer is so out of control. Please stand against environmental toxins in our food, against fracking, GMOs, pesticides, and the reuse of filtered fracking water on our food!

BTW, I switched to a different brand of cacao powder and it was not carcinogenic, so I surmise was grown in less toxic soil.

With much love for you, Planet Earth and future generations,

Nance OxxO

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