Picasso's Ghost

Cat by the Tail 24 x 30" Oil on Canvas

Picasso's Ghost is a painting series created for a dramatic comedy of the same name, written by the artist.

Nance mashed-up some of Picasso's actual work to render these oil paintings, and also gave her leading lady the Vagina Paintings in the section below. Artist/writers from Screenwriter's Tribe in L.A. agreed that the art history in the script is accurate enough to please art-history buffs. Yet, audiences don't need to know a thing about art to enjoy the dramedy.

Logline: A jilted bisexual artist covertly works with the ghosts of Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali in an attempt to make it big, before her humiliating student debt abolishes her future.

Super Cat 24 x 30 Oil on Canvas

Cat Mother 22 x 28" Oil on Canvas

Woman Holding Cat 18 x 24" Oil on Canvas

Cat Fight 30 x 40" Oil on Canvas

Cat Window

Cat Scratch Footsie 24 x 30" Oil on Canvas

Colored Pencil on Paper

12 x 24" Oil on Canvas

The Vagina Paintings

That bit in Picasso's Ghost, where someone at the exhibit took down all the vagina paintings, and leaned them face to the wall? That actually happened.

Nance never found the culprit IRL, but the conversations which ensued were priceless!

Fran├žoise's Illusion 24 x 36" Oil on Canvas